The high-definition makeup and skin care line Koh Gen Do
The high-definition makeup and skin care line Koh Gen Do hosted consultations with makeup artist Bobby Wells and CEO Diane Nakaguchi at Barneys New York in Chicago. Koh Gen Do has been known for its soothing natural formulas in its native Japan for twenty-five years but has only arrived in US stores within the last year and a half. The fragrance-free and mostly paraben-free line has been quickly adopted in Hollywood to replenish skin fatigued by long hours under harsh lighting. Naturally, the rest of the savvy female population has been quick to discover the advantage of using camera-perfect formulas for everyday occasions.

High-definition television and movie screens have become nearly ubiquitous in American culture, but what does "high-definition" mean when it comes to makeup? Simply that precision-cut mineral formulas refract light so complexions appear flawless under the intense magnification of high-definition cameras. So imagine how good the makeup looks to the less scrutinizing human eye! Koh Gen Do offers two high-definition foundation formulas and accompanying foundation correctors to precisely customize shades to the wearer. The ultra-light Moisture Foundation is composed of 60% water and provides a dewy six to eight hours of wear. Think of it as a high-definition tinted moisturizer. The Aqua Foundation with 45% water is formulated to withstand the harsh lights of movie sets for fifteen or more hours of wear.
What is remarkable about the small but expanding brand is the versatility of its products. Foundation correctors in colors like goldenrod and dark apricot and color bases in lavender pink and pearl white allow for a variety of concealing and illuminating effects. The Skin Lotion spritz moisturizer handily lends itself to a hydrating mask when doused on the line's organic cotton pads and applied directly to the face for five minutes of skin therapy. While Koh Gen Do's flagship products focus on skin care and coverage, the line also offers an appealing palette of lip colors. The Maifanshi Lipstick in Coral Pink is especially lovely for day or evening wear.

In addition to performing makeup alchemy, the meticulous product experts from Koh Gen Do are full of film-worthy suggestions. The artists advise making use of the heat and touch of your fingers to fuse mineral makeup formulas onto skin. Apply peach tones to correct dark under eye circles while avoiding gray casts. And for seamlessly polished skin equipped to face the intense scrutiny of high-definition cameras, build your look using multiple progressive layers of moisturizer, foundation, serum, concealer, and blush.

Koh Gen Do certainly delivers on its promise to keep complexions hydrated and illuminated for any occasion. A visit to Barneys to consult with your local Koh Gen Do artist on product recommendations and application techniques will likely instill you with a new sense of glamor. We look forward to seeing what new products Koh Gen Do will introduce to the makeup repertoire of women who seek to up the ante in a high-definition world.
Larissa Kozij
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